Computer Consulting

As You Will offers consulting on all facets of your computer needs.
We have a wide variety of skills both with software and hardware, and years of experience integrating new technology into existing systems as well as designing new systems of operation from the ground up.


Networks have served to make computers infinitely more useful than they were separately, and the sharing of
information has become the backbone of most companies computer work; From large scale
networks spanning the internet, to intranets of all shapes and sizes;
As You Will Consulting has you covered. Believing that quality is better than quantity,
we always strive to do our best to ensure maintenance visits will be few and
far between. Therefore we specialize in implementing alternative systems such as
Apple Mac OS X, BSD, and Linux along with Microsoft Windows and can recommend
and implement a system to meet your requirements with security, performance,
and price points which can far exceed that of the typical Microsoft Windows-only network.