Computer Consulting

As You Will Consulting offers consultation upon all facets of your computer needs.
We have a wide variety of skills both with software and hardware, and years of experience integrating new technology into existing systems as well as designing new operations from the ground up.

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Have a problem but don"t know the source? As You Will Consulting can help with our advanced
knowledge of operating systems, applications and hardware. Whether the problem exists in the
Windows Registry, configuration files in the UNIX /etc
folder or elsewhere we can troubleshoot and find most
problems afflicting modern computers and networks. Once the
cause of a problem is found, We determine the most efficient course to
correct the problem and get your computing experience back to


Sometimes computers develop operational issues: Hard drive spindles
wear out, power supplies short, applications and drivers conflict with one another, and in
the case of certain weaker operating systems, viral and other malware
infections can take hold of a computer. Once we determine the source of
an issue we have a variety of tools and skills at our disposal to properly
restore a computer to the way you expect it to work.

We can remove any malware infection, no matter how deep it goes without
resorting to re-installing Windows, other competing services often resort to this tactic
which can cause potential data loss. We can also retrieve files from most
non-working computers, and back them up onto
media while the computer is being repaired or
move them to a new computer if that action is warranted.