Video Production

As You Will Consulting is quite adept at various forms of
multimedia, having produced audio and video projects since 1995. We have the experience and artistic talent to bring your vision to life.

Video Production

As You Will Consulting delivers professional quality video productions at affordable
prices. Whether you require a commercial advertisement, promotional video,
short form film, or an event filmed; As You Will Consulting can meet your needs
with a polish and proficiency matching that of vastly more expensive, "high end" studios.

We employ a variety of cutting edge technologies to give each
video piece an artistically expressive fit and finish.
From simple, yet elegant transitions and overlays,
to extravagant 3D composition and visual filters,
we strive to do whatever is necessary to meet the vision put forth by our clients.

Live Events

We have experience taping and editing a variety
of events from plays and musicals to weddings
and religious ceremonies. We know the
importance of remaining virtually unseen,
unobtrusively capturing every moment of the live event.
Thus, we employ multiple cameras to catch every angle of an event,
including elements which are often missed by single camera operations


As You Will Consulting offers video resolutions up to 4K UHD to reveal and
preserve amazing details which are often lost with older technology.
We also tape in standard definition for maximum compatibility with today's televisions.

Recognizing the changing face of video today,video is offered on more than just DVD and BluRay discs. We offer MPEG4 files for use with computers, stand alone video players and video-capable portable devices like iPods and iPhones. In addition we can provide encoding and uploading to online services like YouTube or Vimeo for general distribution over the internet.