About us

Learn a little bit about our company and our history.


In the year 1998 As You Will Consulting LLC was originally founded by William Acord under the name "As You Will Web Design" as a way to make extra income on the side while working as an IT administrator.

As time went on he observed two things: Many companies exist that need IT staff but can't afford to keep someone on staff full time, and much of the time IT staff are being paid to wait around until something happens.

Thus As You Will Consulting was born as a way to bring IT consulting to those who couldn't afford it before, and to reduce costs and remove wasted time from those who could.

In 2003 we added video production to our list of services encompassing commercial, web, and wedding work and in 2009 we teamed up with Robert Gillette Photography to offer photographic services as well.

What We Do

Well technically, this whole website is about what we do, but let us some it up.
We offer technology consulting to large and small businesses as well as residential clients in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. We are not a "squad of geeks", but rather a group of friendly consummate professionals, whose aim is to:

  • Develop solutions to problems in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.
  • To relate tech concepts in a way comprehensible to the common man
  • To not simply fix problems, but to educate our clients on the best ways to use their own technology
  • To derive order from electronic chaos.

  • In addition we provide broadcast quality video shooting/editing, audio recording & creation services and studio quality photography.